Building your digital solution

Game Development

The StickyLock group provides full-cycle game development from initial concept to release and beyond! We pride ourselves on creating well-designed and highly enjoyable entertainment experiences. The StickyLock group is committed to building workplaces that spur creativity and innovation to become a global leader in digital entertainment.

Game Publishing

We offer publishing support for your titles to get the necessary funding for further development. By utilizing a team of passionate specialists with extensive knowledge of the video game industry we will make sure that players will be able to experience the best version of your crafted game.

Augmented Reality

The group has extensive experience in working with Augmented Reality applications. With our AR services, we offer an innovative and distinctive solution to your marketing and sales tools. Augmented Reality is a visual solution that both enriches and enhances the way your customers experience your products.

Virtual Reality

We specialize in the development of Virtual Reality solutions for companies in a variety of market segments. We have a range of specialists in-house for each step in the process, from graphic designers to developers and project managers. You can come to us for both ready-made, affordable solutions for a short time-to-market, as well as custom-made solutions, which are created entirely in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

3D Modelling

With our diverse pool of talented 3D artists, our focus is on creating photoreal 3D assets for a range of industries. Differentiate yourself through our high-concept 3D assets that act as the first step towards creating visual magic. The result is that you will find it impossible to distinguish between the 3D model and the actual photograph.

360° Media

With a 360° video you are always at the heart of the action; you can see the whole environment instead of a 90-degree view. The uses for 360° videos are remarkably diverse. These videos can be extremely useful in business. They can be used for presentations, pitches, lectures, tours, or maybe for a documentary about your company or product.

Concept Art

Our in-house art team is specialised in creating concept art, espesially for interactive worlds. This experience can be used in many scenarios to help shape your project. From the most detailed and technically dense drawings to impressionistic full-color works, StickyLock will provide. 


Graphic Design

In need of Branding, user interface design for games or others projects? StickyLock has the knowledge to support your project with fitting and effective designs. A strong visual hook elevates any product above the rest. 


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